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You can find sugar everywhere. Even in beef jerky. But why do the low carb, high protien benefits of beef jerky have to come loaded with added sugar? At El Norteño we're out to prove that great, delicious jerky can be sugar free. In fact, we know it can, because we make a delicious sugar free jerky. However, more companies continue to pour crazy amounts of sugar in their products. Here's a few reason's why.


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The common belief is that sugar enhances the taste of jerky, but in reality, it has more to do with how it makes us feel. Sugar triggers the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of happiness. Dopamine signals to our brain that we've had a positive experience and encourages us to seek more of it. So we eat more sugar. However, too much sugar can lead to weight gain and the development of Type-2 diabetes. Food companies capitalize on sugar's addictive nature to make their products more appealing, despite its potential negative impact on health.

Our beef jerky will make you feel good too, not only because it tastes good, but because you'll have the peace of mind it's better for you.  



The most expensive part of beef jerky is the cost of beef. Big jerky companies know this, so they find ways to shave off those costs. Not surprisingly, adding sugar to jerky means companies can use less beef. The added weight of sugar is one way big companies get away with using less beef. But there is a bigger reason.



Added sugar in jerky bonds to water molecules, which means the final product will retain more moisture.  By retaining water, the weight of your beef jerky includes a combination of sugar + water weight. Consequently, there is less of the protein and beef you're looking for.

Proponents argue that this prevents bacterial growth and spoilage, but there's a smarter way to prevent the product going bad. Simply remove the water.

At El Norteño, we use an old fashioned approach. We cook the water out of our jerky instead of relying on sugar and fillers to "protect" it from bacteria. This results in a product with more beef and higher protein.

Oh and it tastes delicious too.

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Cecina Beef Jerky
Cecina Beef Jerky Nutrition Panel
Cecina Beef Jerky
Cecina Beef Jerky Nutrition Panel

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